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Own YOUR Success will lead you to uncover your true potential and create a life that belongs to YOU!

  • Includes real-world advice and proven strategies to help individuals in the business world achieve even greater success
  • Offers original, practical, and proven exercises to transform challenges into maximum performance

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The Story

Own YOUR Success is a powerful, modern day fable illuminating our quest for personal and professional greatness. It’s an inspiring and compassionate tale that tells the story of 40-year old self-made, multi-millionaire, Pierce Edwards, an executive at the top of his game — yet the bottom of his existence.

Though he exemplifies the “work harder and faster” mindset that he believes to be the key to success, Pierce is aware deep down that he has become disillusioned on his journey through life – and has reluctantly begun to admit that he is adrift.

One day, his concerned wife and best friend confront him and demand he embark on a journey to identify his true meaning and purpose in life.

Over the next couple of weeks, Pierce meets a cast of colorful and influential characters: A CEO once trapped in the same challenges of life balance; a retired Navy SEAL; a talented high school basketball coach who himself used to play for legendary coach John Wooden; and one of the most influential doctors in the United States for the study of rare diseases.

Through this profound and life-altering journey, Pierce learns the four essential keys to great wisdom and discovers his true passion for life. He realizes with a fresh perspective that his ability to embrace change will allow him to further his success; that success itself can be measured in extraordinary ways; and that ultimately, trusting in the greatness of others is essential to experiencing personal and professional growth.

How the book will impact YOU

Own YOUR Success offers the reader practical and proven exercises to transform challenges and maximize performance. Jam-packed with real-world advice, compelling tales, and proven strategies, readers will uncover their true potential to create the life they were meant to enjoy personally and professionally. Providing inspiration and guidance, Own YOUR Success encourages individuals to embark on their own relentless pursuit of greatness.

Based on author Ben Newman’s popular program, Own YOUR Success: The Power to Choose Greatness and Make Everyday Victorious, gives you the power to make each day a triumph. The most successful people find great success when they focus on having a passion for the process.

The key: make today victorious regardless of the obstacles that come your way. Figure out what fires YOU up without exception and ignite that passion so that you can routinely create YOUR Prizefighter day.


“I certainly believe in living life with relentless accountability to achieve greatness by using all of your capacity. Own YOUR Success will give you the tools and the beliefs in order to make a difference in your life moving forward and to leave a dynamic legacy on the world.”

Dr. Jason Selk
Director of Sport Psychology for the 2011 World Champion
St. Louis Cardinals


“In this entertaining and inspirational book you will learn important lessons about life balance.  Be careful, you may actually learn something about yourself.  I did!”

Shep Hyken
New York Times Bestselling Author
The Amazement Revolution


“If there is one book you need to read right now to create the life and career you want it is OWN YOUR SUCCESS. The story will inspire you. The lessons will enlighten you. And the actions you take will transform you! Read this book and Own Your Success today!”

Jon Gordon
New York Times Bestselling Author
The Energy Bus

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“Own YOUR Success”
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